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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions -
General terms of business of the apartment Maria-Viktoria

We, the render, are glad to be able to greet you in our apartment. Here you find the general terms of business (Terms and Conditions) of the apartment Maria-Viktoria in Baden-Baden. You agree with the reservation of the lodging with Terms and Conditions. Exceptions and objections are taken into consideration after arrangement by e-mail. We have prepared the rented apartment Maria-Viktoria in the aspiration to allow a pleasant stay to the tenants. Taking into account this fact the following conditions of the contract are agreed between the contracting parties:

1. Completion of the contract:
An obliging hire contract comes about, while we accept your internet-reservation by e-mail (shapelessly) or telephone (shapelessly) or written reservation by post (shapelessly) and inform you over here by the sending of a reservation confirmation. The hire contract comes about if the tenant agrees to this. The approval can occur through explicit or logical explanation, as for example of the payment of the rent price, the deposit or the beginning of the trip.
We undertake to make available the holiday apartment in state according to the contract for the given rent time. The tenant is obliged to return the holiday apartment with ending of the rent time in proper state and to receive the apartment during the rent time in clean and well-arranged state.

2. Reservation / payment:
After you have sent the reservation writing to us, we immediately get in contact with you
(e-mail or phone). If you accept the offer, the lodging is reserved for you and is offered no more. Then you transfer the deposit at the rate of 30% of the whole price to our account. The duration of the solvency amounts 7 days after the date of the reservation writing. Only after the entrance of the deposit the apartment is reserved for you and you receive a written reservation confirmation. On site an instruction in the rent object occurs through us and afterwards the balance is to be paid directly with arrival to us in cash in euro. If payments are not performed according to contract, this can be evaluated as a resignation of the tenant of the hire contract according to point 4.) (resignation / annulment costs). With it the payments agreed there become due.
In the rent price are included: the lodging, towels, bedclothes (of weekly changes), hot water and cold water, stream, dishes, cutlery. We let effect weekly cleaning. In the rent price are not included: the registration fee upraised by the municipalities is not included. The health resort rate is to be paid about us to the tourism headquarters.

3. Services and prices:
The hire contract encloses on the homepage and/or in the written offer described apartment Maria-Viktoria. In the rent price the rent and energy costs and waste disposal are included as a rule. The number of the persons living in the lodging (including all children) may not cross the number cited in the reservation confirmation. Children are looked as adults. Domestic animals are not permitted basically.
At the moment valid prices: From the 01/01/2009 to the 31/12/2009. Our prices are standard prices and can be changed any time without announcement. You receive the guaranteed prices with your reservation. Event prices have to be asked please. Prices published on the internet are valitd with a rent duration of 7 days; for a shorter period a short-term surcharge can be attached up to 100% of the price. If an offer is provided to the guest / tenant, we are bound only 24h (1day) to it.

4. Resignation / annulment costs:
You can withdraw any time from your booked trip. In this case we settle for our actual costs (amount of work involved, phone, transfer costs ...) an all-inclusive handling charge of 50 euros per order and, in addition:
Up to 45 days before the travel beginning 30% of the rent price
44 days to 31 days before the travel beginning 40% of the rent price
30 days to 15 days before the travel beginning 60% of the rent price
14 days to 7 days before the travel beginning 70% of the rent price
6 days to 1 days before the travel beginning 80% of the rent price
with non-beginning of the trip 100% of the rent price
As an annulment date counts the input day of your written communication by us. Should you not start your booked trip for any reason, without previous timely notification, we reserve our right to sublet the apartment "Maria-Viktoria".
In our services no assurances are included. Then a right on relation of the object exists no more. For the untimely early departure there is no monetary return.

5. Journey / departure / deposit / liability:
The apartment "Maria-Viktoria" is available on the day of arrival regularly from 2 p.m. The arrival must occur till 10 p.m., unless, a later arrival time is agreed expressly in advance with the render. An arrival before 2 p.m. can likewise occur only if this was agreed expressly in advance with the render. If the journey is agreed in the time between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. and takes place in this time, an impact is raised at the rate of 30.00 euros. The tenant is obliged to present his valid identity card or passport to the render with the journey.
The render can require the payment of a deposit at the rate of 150.00 € with the journey. The render refunds this security deposit with timely clearing of the apartment "Maria-Viktoria" and handling over of all keys on the departure day, provided no other agreements with the tenant and provided that the apartment "Maria-Viktoria" shows no damages to be represented by the tenant. For the case if in the apartment "Maria-Viktoria" and/or the inventory there are damages due to the tenant, the tenant performs on site immediately the monetary amount necessary for the damage substitute in cash in euro (§249 to paragraph 2 Civil Code), so, we urgently recommend to contract a liability insurance. If the render ascertains caused damages only after departure of the tenant, the claims originating from it are put to the tenant afterwards in the calculation.
The tenant undertakes to peruse the lying house order and to obey it. The ignoring or wilful contrary actions appeal again to this rent right. On the departure day the tenant has to vacate the apartment "Maria-Viktoria" at the latest at 11.00 a.m. With late vacation of the holiday apartment the render has claim to an additional payment towards the tenant. This amounts to 60.00 € (net) with a vacation after 11 a.m., however, before 1 p.m.; 100% of the agreed overnight stay price / night with a clearing after 1 p.m.
In addition, the render has claim to substitute all to him originating further damages on account of a late vacation. The vacation counts only caused, as soon as all keys were handled over to the render or his representative. To this if this was expressly agreed in advance with the render, the tenant can leave all keys on the table in the apartment "Maria-Viktoria" and tighten the apartment door. The tenant is obliged to control the proper closing of the apartment door. With loss of one or several keys the tenant has to perform to the render damage substitute with their new production and if necessary for the installation of new locks.
If a damage should occur during the stay of any sort, (e.g., broken glass, defect of a piece of furniture originate etc.), this must be immediately announced to the render and will charged to you.
Should damages occur in the apartment, which are caused by the guest / tenant, a liability insurance of the guest / tenant arises as a rule for it; the guest / tenant is liable for all persons accompanying him. If no liability insurance exists, the guest arises personally for the resulted damage; a deposit can be demanded to secure the costs of damages to be expected. A visitation right arises from the cleansing duty and can be exercised without direct advance advice.

6. Data protection:
The person engaged data of the customer are raised only within the scope of the legal regulations of the federal date law for the protection (BDSG) as well as the teleservices data protection law (TDDSG). They are made to third only in this respect accessible when this is necessary for the winding up of the renting (cleansing service, house management, assurance, etc.).

7. Complaints:
If the tenant finds out with relation of the lodging that this does not correspond to the description or he ascertains defects, he is obliged to announce this immediately (at the latest nevertheless, after 2 days). Out of this at the end of this term originating claims cannot be asserted to the render no more. Defects are removed by the render as a rule immediately. A regulation of the complaints which have appeared during the rent time and were not announced and if no deadline settlement of the render to the disconnection of the lack was demanded, cannot be demanded after renting.

8. Damage announcement and co-operation duty with originating damages:
The tenant is also obliged to undertake the steps reasonable to him to hold possible damages or interferences in the rental property by immediate fault announcement with the render low. All damages which originate during the rent time in the leasehold object are to be announced immediately. If the tenant recognizes that damages in the leasehold object can originate from suddenly appeared achievement disturbance, he is also obliged to do everything to him reasonable, to turn away the damage or to hold so slightly as possible or to contribute to the removal of the disturbance (for example, pipe burst, canalization blockage).

9. Abolition of the contract because of unusual circumstances:
The render is entitled to withdraw for essentially justified reason from the contract or to discontinue exceptionally this if, for example, higher power or other circumstances not to be represented by the render make the fulfilment of the contract impossible; if, for example, the holiday apartment was booked under delusive or wrong information of essential facts, for example, in the person of the tenant or for example of the purpose or for example of the allocation or for example of the accommodation by animals; if, for example, the holiday apartment is used for others than for residential purposes; if, for example, the render has reasonable occasion for the acceptance that the claim of the achievement endangers the security or the house peace of other neighbours or the respect of the render in the general public, without this is to be added to the territory or organization area of the render.
Valid is the house order of the "Condominium Act Maria-Viktoria street 31 “ to living space, inter alia by offense against the house order an instant notice can be pronounced.
If the trip to completion of the contract is considerably complicated as a result of the higher power to which also the destruction of lodgings or same-weighty incidents count unpredictable, threatened or impaired, both contractors can discontinue the travel contract. With notice before the travel beginning the tenant gets back the paid travel price immediately. A further claim does not exist. For already produced achievements the render can require a remuneration.
If the circumstances called in the second clause arise after beginning of the trip, the travel contract can be likewise discontinued by both sides. In this case the render will hit as a result of the abolition of the contract to necessary measures. If the contract is discontinued for precalled reasons, the render has a claim for compensation on produced or travel achievements still to be produced. Possible add-on costs for the back transportation are carried by the render and the tenant ever half of it. For the rest, the add-on costs are a burden to the tenant.

10. Severability clause:
The ineffectiveness of single regulations of these general terms of business does not entail the ineffectiveness of the whole commercial provision contract. Should one or several regulations of these Terms and Conditions become ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining regulations and the validity of the contract is not touched from this, on the whole, through this. The ineffective regulation is to be substituted with an effective one which comes most near purpose presecuted with the ineffective regulation and which correspond to the sense and the purpose of the contract, the original arrangement and the legitimate interest of the parties after sense and salary of the contract.

11. Legal venue:
As a legal venue for all disputes from this contract, also about his effectiveness, counts the company place, thus the place in which the apartment "Maria-Viktoria" is and in which the achievement from the guest admission contract is to be produced, in this case the legal venue with disputes from this contractual relationship is Baden-Baden, Germany.

We wish you pleasant rest!

The apartment Maria-Victoria -Team.

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